Meet the people who are the movement makers behind the scenes,

even before your first step is taken.

Brooks, Leah.jpg

Leah Brooks

Director of Program Operations

In 2011, after jumping out of a long-held corporate tech job developing databases for Lucasfilm, Leah landed smack dab in the middle of Kathy Altman & Lori Saltzman’s Sausalito-based dance floor. Conscious dance had never been on her radar, but she loved the opportunity to work for creative, loving people, and add more movement to her life. Holding the core communications hub for students, teachers and working members of Open Floor International, and as a lifelong student, she has a unique perspective on the organization of OFI. When she is not dancing or emailing, she is singing with her quartet, baking pies, or walking her dog in beautiful Marin County.

Bartholome, Bridget_edited.jpg

Bridget Bartolome

Crew Manager

Bridget joined the staff of Open Floor in Sausalito following extensive work as a ballet dance instructor, professional dancer, and in meditation practice. Over the last ten years, Bridget has been found not only on the Community dance floor every Sunday, but also behind the desk handing out tickets and making sure all weekly Open Floor events run smoothly. In addition, she works as the facilitator for a teen support group in West Marin, provides sustenance for some Open Floor workshops, and tends the orchids in the Sausalito office. She has danced professionally with the New Orleans Dance Collective, the 940 Dance Company, and was the dance critic for Review Magazine in Kansas City. A devoted ocean enthusiast, a key accomplishment in Bridget’s biography includes having surfed continuously for 2,364 days and counting. When she is not on the dance floor, Bridget spends her time in the ocean or cooking for people.

McConkie, Catherine.jpeg

Catherine McConkie

Production Coordinator

Catherine is a trained chef and Open Floor movement teacher. Her teaching practice is a blend of her Open Floor training and decades of experience as a culinary educator. For Open Floor, she has created unique program offerings she calls “Come to Your Senses.” Catherine is the founder of The Caregivers Table, an educational cooking program designed to nourish the well being of clinical caregivers, a core faculty member of the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal, and a lead chef instructor at San Francisco General Hospital’s Wellness Center. Her culinary labs stir music, movement, and sensory awareness exercises in with practical kitchen tips to help teach people of all ages about food in and out of the kitchen.