Common Thread
A Year Long Committed Group

Module 1 - Roots – Sept 18-20, 2020

Module 2  - Center – Feb 12-14, 2021

Module 3 - Branching – May 21-23, 2021

Life is the ultimate paradox. It is both blissful and difficult, terrific and terrifying. Perennial wisdom can help us navigate this precious life from a place of strength, but it takes effort both joyful and deliberate.

This committed group will be held over the period of a year. It will include Open Floor movement practices, a visual art project that spans the program, sitting meditation and written and verbal inquiry.

Full commitment to all three modules is required. Loving company will help us examine the fabric of our lives; the threads that connect us and those that have faded or frayed.

Module 1 – Roots – Sept 18-20, 2020
Questions we will investigate as we share our common need for solidity, identity and successful survival.

  • What is the nature of the soil I was born into?

  • What original seeds have grown and flourished?

  • What is the ground I stand on now?

  • What identities have I built that serve me?

  • Which ones keep me bound in shoes that no longer fit?

Module 2 – Center – Feb 12-14, 2021
Questions we will investigate as we share common sense wisdom for those times we must endure life’s necessary suffering and find center again and again.

  • How do I sense and surrender to my inner knowing?

  • How do I tend to my inner life amidst growing outer demands and floods of emotion?

  • How do I stay centered when life tosses me around like a life raft in a storm?

  • How do I nourish connection and intimacy without abandoning my sense of self?

Module 3 – Branching – May 21-23, 2021
Questions we will navigate as we turn ourselves towards our shared world and our common good:

  • Can I find and follow my life’s purpose?

  • Can I make a contribution that arises from my unique life experience?

  • Can my values and beliefs be reflected and received in community and society?

  • Can I rest in the great mystery, knowing I will never fully know what life has in store?

This is soul work. Everyone has a unique contribution to make. It is a necessary part of our journey to offer it. Then comes the surrender to spirit, witnessing where the seeds of our offerings blow, settle and grow forth. Come join us for the creation of a sudden community with people who love to investigate life through movement, the creative arts and silence.

Fee: $950 (Pay by Module - $450, $300, $200)

$850 if paid in full by August 18

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This group is by application only 

For an application please contact

Jenny Macke at