OFI is incorporated as a non-profit organization. Our international program is currently in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. OFI is a creative collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from all corners of the planet. We use the universal language of movement as a means of self-discovery and relationship building.




PO BOX 2864

Sausalito, CA 94966

Marin County, California, USA

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Community Dances

I love when the room shifts, personal concerns melt, relentless thoughts dissolve, and for a moment we fall into joyous shared humanity.

—Lori Saltzman




Our weekly community dances have been going strong for the last 25 years. Rather than verbal instruction, our experienced teachers use a variety of music as inspiring gateways. There are no steps to learn -- the choreography comes from inside of you. We are different every time we step onto the dance floor; so are all the other dancers. This encourages creativity, spontaneity, and infinite possibilities. Dance experience is not required.

Please arrive on time. We close the doors half an hour after the start.

The early session on Sunday often sells out. To ensure a spot on the dance floor we recommend arriving a few minutes before 8:30.


For ages 13 and up. Children aged 10-12 are welcome with supervision.


9:30 – 11:30am

Pickleweed Community Center

50 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA



1st session: 8:30 – 10:30am
2nd session: 11am – 1pm


610 Coloma Street at Olima Street

Sausalito, CA

$20 at the door; $5 for students under 18


Book of 5 vouchers - available for purchase online or at the door for $90. When purchasing online, please print the receipt and bring it to the event where you can pick up your tickets.

2/15/2020                          Zuza

2/16/2020                          Stacey

2/22/2020                          Claire

2/23/2020                          Davida

2/29/2020                           Joseph

3/1/2020                             Jennifer

3/7/2020                             Ashleigh

3/8/2020                             Lori

3/14/2020                           Davida

3/15/2020                           Jennifer

3/21/2020                           Zuza

3/22/2020                           Joseph

3/28/2020                           Zuza

3/29/2020                           Kathy

4/4/2020                             Beatrice

4/5/2020                             Beatrice

4/11/2020                           Claire

4/12/2020                           Jennifer

4/18/2020                           Claire

4/19/2020                           Lori

4/25/2020                           Joseph

4/26/2020                           Claire

5/2/2020                             Claire

Photo: Jack Gescheidt