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Our 27th Annual Holiday Celebration 

for our

entire community


December 8

7pm - 8:30pm

It's been 27 years since we held our first Holiday Benefit Dance to celebrate with each other by giving to others. And while the details are a little different this year, the spirit remains the same.


During these decades, our community has raised over a quarter of a million dollars for local dancers with medical needs, food banks, homeless shelters, girls in Kenya seeking education, SYZYGY community work, refugee rescue, and countless other worthy acts brought to our attention by folks like you.


This year we will extend ourselves to each other (also known as have a party!), and extend to those we'll never meet.


You are invited to bring a candle, which we will ceremoniously light at the same time, to represent the light in our hearts, and that which connects us - day in and day out.


Here's what's different this year:

  • The event is free.

  • We'll be dancing online.

  • You curate who, what, when, and how you give. It can be as simple as extra kindness towards strangers, listening patiently to another in distress, offering a compliment, a jar of soup for a neighbor, giving an elder a ride to the store.

  • If you are in a position to donate money, we'll post recommendations for organizations that are saving the day during pandemic hardship. Here are a few for starters:


Here's what's the same:

  • Our teachers will share the music making.

  • We can dress up. Aren't your fun clothes getting a bit dusty?

  • We'll love each other up and dance.

  • We'll have time to socialize.

  • And we will continue with one sacred, annual ritual: a raffle to give away a yearly pass to all our Daily Dances. And this year, we'll be giving away two passes, just because. Raffle tickets can be purchased here or the night of the dance.


Get your raffle tickets right here!

Raffle tickets are $5 each

Two Yearly Passes will be awarded!