Navigating Now

The practice of presence in turbulent times

with Kathy Altman

October 1 through November 5 - Online

Fridays,10:30 am - 12:30 pm PT

How do I cultivate presence when the world is rocking me off center faster than I can recalibrate?
How do I cultivate curiosity, especially with whom I disagree?
How do I know when, and how, to shift my gaze from the constant disturbance in our collective field?

This committed group will not be about theories, maps, or any specific system. We will use our embodied movement practice to:
          stay present
          release the tensions we hold, both personal and collective
          build curiosity and compassion
          mine wisdom – our own and others
          dance, witness and listen

          sit in the quiet we create

In this six (6) week committed group, we will touch on each of these practices, seeing where we have lessons to be learned, mending to attend, and progress to mark.

We will use the trusted guidance of embodied dance, verbal inquiry and sitting meditation to help us see where our vision is cloudy and where it is clear.

We each have a part to play in creating our collective future. What’s yours?

I hope you will join me for some answers.
Much love


6-week committed group
Group size limited to 60 people
$189 USD for the series

Event is in Pacific Time. Please check time in your part of the world at: