20/20 vision

Saturday, June 27, 2020

with Michael Molin-Skelton

breathing matters..listening matters…seeing matters


it is ever so easy to put on blinders and dismiss all the things which make us uncomfortable. The homeless become invisible - starving children are forgotten - the elderly are expendable - domestic violence is forgiven -  black lives are disposable. These are my definitions of a pandemic.


What would it be like to make the most of our eyes and truly see? To appreciate means to raise the value of. and anytime we give our attention; see, listen, feel one another, we raise their value. to be seen raises one’s spirit, to be heard pierces one’s soul, to be felt elevates our hearts. 


Through the lens of vulnerable and unguarded movement inquiries, sacred witnessing and the potency of ritual, let us take a fresh look at the things which are often discarded and abandoned; within ourselves, each other and in the world. 


If you are willing, please join me in our movement practice on the open floor to give voice and vision to that which is hidden and forbidden - to see and be seen.



Schedule (recently changed to allow Europe & USA to participate):
Warm up and session: 9am - 11:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (2.5 hours)
Bio break: 11:30 - Noon (1/2 hour )
Session: 12-2pm (2 hours)


For more information contact Leah at


Sponsor - helps someone else attend

Tuition - covers our costs

Discounted - if you are financially challenged.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds

If you need additional financial assistance, please contact us.


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