A Return to In-person Dancing

Hello, Lovely Dancers.

Well, we did it. We danced at Pickleweed Community Center this morning with Lori Saltzman very capably in the drivers seat and Kathy Altman riding shotgun (for the dharma talk). After a long two year absence, today’s experience was everything. The dance today felt profoundly sacred. We danced our prayers. We danced our gratitude. We danced our sweet relief. We danced our heartbreaking grief. We danced our big-heartedness and our melt-me-ness. We danced our “oh, god, it’s good see you”. We danced our wildness and we danced our sweet, tender inward dances. We danced for rain and we danced for peace. Right now, I feel as though I’m in an altered state. I feel love & light running through every single cell of my being. I feel radiant, melted, and marvelously enlivened. (Weirdly, I’m doing work emails right now too . . . .just wrote the words “love ya!” to our worldwide CEO. She’s awesome. She gets it. It’ll be okay. . . . but that’s the risk one runs in corresponding with me after dance! LOL.)

We are beautiful, glistening souls, Lovely Dancers! What an incredible experience. To simply gaze out at a sea of dancers and witness the sacred beauty of each and every soul. Some arms raised upward at the end of the dance, some down on hands and knees in prayer position as we slid toward silence. I feel renewed. And I feel deeply touched by the profound river of kindness running through the room today. There was an energy of relief, of acceptance, of good will and big heartedness that was palpable in the room today.

Finally, we get to dance again! We get to move our bodies and still the thinking mind. We get to get in touch with yummy again via this amazing practice. Oh, sweet dancing souls, thank you for being you in the world. Thank you for so fully inhabiting your body, the dancefloor, the sacred space. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for your glorious presence. Yeah, I’m over the moon. Can you tell?

We shall dance again.

We can dance at Pickleweed again with Open Floor on Saturday, April 30th. Davida will pilot. Mark your calendars!

I am gobsmacked and grateful.

With head bowed low in gratitude. . . .

Thank you for the music.

Thank you for the dances.

Thank you for the heartwarming kindness.



Here’s a little poem for you, my beloved dancers. The morning’s movement has left me feeling bubbly, effervescent. .. .. and laughing. Enjoy this poem from Hafiz.

Laughter What is laughter? What is laughter? It is God waking up! O it is God waking up! It is the sun poking its sweet head out From behind a cloud You have been carrying too long, Veiling your eyes and heart. It is Light breaking ground for a great Structure That is your Real body - called Truth. It is happiness applauding itself and then taking flight To embrace everyone and everything in this world. Laughter is the polestar Held in the sky by our Beloved, Who eternally says, "Yes, dear ones, come this way, Come this way towards Me and Love! Come with your tender mouths moving And your beautiful tongues conducting songs And with your movements - your magic movements Of hands and feet and glands and cells - Dancing! Know that to God's Eye, All movement is a Wondrous Language, And Music - such exquisite, wild Music!" O what is laughter, Hafiz? What is this precious love and laughter Budding in our hearts? It is the glorious sound Of a soul waking up!

~ Hafiz ~

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