A struggle day

Dear Beautiful Dancers,

It’s been a tough week (in so many ways). It’s been a bit of a struggle day (for me). I send this little missive to you with the hope that you’ve had a good day; a day with much merriment and connection, laughter & love & movement. However, if you’ve had a hard day, I wish you comfort and compassion. I wish you a warm hug and a soft landing. Join me on the dance floor tomorrow and perhaps we’ll dance ourselves into another mood, another way of being with the world, another way of simply being present with what is.

This beautiful community is a great comfort to me. Just knowing you’re out there is a soothing balm. Deep bow of gratitude goes here. I say “thank you” from the depths of my tender heart.

It gives me no end of joy to report that our beloved Joseph will be spinning the tunes tomorrow morning in Sausalito. (it’s a total mood enhancer to imagine dancing with you & Joseph tomorrow!)

A poem for your reading pleasure:

Mule Heart

On the days when the rest have failed you, let this much be yours -- flies, dust, an unnameable odor, the two waiting baskets: one for the lemons and passion, the other for all you have lost. Both empty, it will come to your shoulder, breathe slowly against your bare arm. If you offer it hay, it will eat. Offered nothing, it will stand as long as you ask. The little bells of the bridle will hang beside you quietly, in the heat and the tree's thin shade. Do not let its sparse mane deceive you, or the way the left ear swivels into dream. This too is a gift of the gods, calm and complete.

~ Jane Hirshfield ~

So much love,


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