Coming Home

Dearest Dancers,

Hello. How are you doing this week? I miss you---more than I can say. I hope you’re well.

I just recently returned from a long walk, which I take almost every evening. Tonight was different. I found myself dancing a little jig while paused at a traffic light or singing aloud as I strolled through my neighborhood. I NEVER sing out loud as I walk. I NEVER dance while waiting for the cross walk. What’s up with that? I’ll tell you. I danced today with Michael Molin Skelton in his workshop 20/20 Vision. . . .. and I felt so remarkably free afterward. I felt like I came home, back to the dance today, back to my body, back to the very essence of my being. I’m going to write those words again because they are precious and true: I came home today. I returned to the dance in a deep and meaningful way, our beloved dance practice. I was steeped in dance for the better part of the day; cracked open, vulnerable, and stretched. . . in all the ways I needed to be stretched today. (insert happy sigh here).

Here's the description for the on-line class today with MMS:

breathing matters..listening matters…seeing matters

It is ever so easy to put on blinders and dismiss all the things that make us uncomfortable. The homeless become invisible - starving children are forgotten - the elderly are expendable - domestic violence is forgiven - black lives are disposable. These are my definitions of a pandemic.

What would it be like to make the most of our eyes and truly see? To appreciate means to raise the value of. And anytime we give our attention; see, listen, feel one another, we raise their value. to be seen raises one’s spirit, to be heard pierces one’s soul, to be felt elevates our hearts.

Through the lens of vulnerable and unguarded movement inquiries, sacred witnessing and the potency of ritual, let us take a fresh look at the things that are often discarded and abandoned; within ourselves, each other and in the world.

I danced the workshop in a space with a few dear friends and it was pure grace to be in their presence (yet socially distanced and doors/windows open). This profoundly healing practice of dancing, combined with the considered inquiry and the incredibly skilled space-holding teachers. . . .well, it all just rocks my world! Makes me a better person so that I can, hopefully, usher some good into the world .. . .. even if it’s just a dollop of goodness; of full presence, of open-hearted awareness, of seeing with more clarity. . . ..even just that. . .well, it’s necessary. The world needs this work. The world needs all of us dancers. Let’s gather together and move in the zoom room tomorrow.

It thrills me to tell you that our beloved Joseph Machado will be providing the soundscape tomorrow morning.

Please join us for the magic and the wisdom he brings to the dance floor.

Here’s the link:

Please don’t forget to pay.

Here’s the poem, which I believe I shared recently, but Michael used a line from it today, just one line, to startlingly effect in the workshop today.

God says for me to tell You This: nothing needs fixing; everything desires a Celebration. You were made to bend so that you could find all of the many miracles at your feet. You were made to stretch so that you would discover, your own beautiful face of Heaven just above all that you think you must shoulder.

When I appeal to God to speak to me, I’m feeling just as small and alone as you might feel. But this is when, for no particular reason at all, I begin to


~Em Claire

And I also want to share the lyrics of song that I listened to tonight as I walked.

I was first introduced to this song by Cathy Ryan, while I danced a workshop with her in Ireland in February of 2019. Seems so long ago, but this music lingers with me. I hope you enjoy.

Stretching My Molecules by Mashti, Deep Dive Corp.

In so many ways

I am more like you than I would like to admit.

In so many ways

I am you.

In so many ways

I am that voiceless mass.

In so many ways

I’m that volcano set to blast.

In so many ways

I stretch my molecules.

You are me.

Stretching my molecules

We are beautiful.

Stretching my molecules

We are one.

Stretching my molecules



There’s so much more to this gorgeous, sensuous song. Enjoy! (I didn’t write down all the lyrics. . . and couldn’t find them posted anywhere).

Be well, Beautiful Beings.

So much love,


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