Dancing with Stress

Hello, Loves.

How does this day find you? What have you learned this week from the deep intelligence of your beautiful body?

Me? I’m still learning about stress and how to manage it. It was a weirdly stressful week (primarily work stuff), but by the time Friday rolled around, I just didn’t have any gas left in the tank for stress. I was tired of being wound tightly and so there was a certain level of ease & acceptance when the full-blown crisis came (again, work stuff) on Friday. I had my stressful moments earlier in the week, where I unconsciously assigned a whole bunch of emotion to certain tense situations. By the end of the week, I was able to calmly observe a couple of key colleagues with compassion, knowing that their behavior was driven by their stress level. I know I’m preaching to the choir here about stress. We can all feel its effects in the body, but to what extent can we manage our own stress while simultaneously holding compassion for other people in stress mode? It felt like I was seeing something clearly for the first time on Friday. It should also be noted that I was much more energized at the end of the day on Friday than earlier in the week. Stating the obvious, but emoting requires a lot of energy! Note: I should also acknowledge the fact that I had acupuncture on Thursday late afternoon. Ha! That likely helped keep me centered in the storm that was swirling all around me on Friday. When stress comes your way, may you dance with it in a way that is easeful.

It’s a wild and wacky world we live in, Loves. We need to take care of ourselves and each other. And I know one wonderfully effective way to manage stress: dance!

I’m pleased as punch to tell you that our beloved and talented Stacey Butcher will be at the helm tomorrow.

Here’s the link: DISCOLOGY

We begin at 9:45am Pacific.

Half Life

We walk through half our life as if it were a fever dream

barely touching the ground

our eyes half open our heart half closed.

Not half knowing who we are we watch the ghost of us drift from room to room through friends and lovers never quite as real as advertised.

Not saying half we mean or meaning half we say we dream ourselves from birth to birth seeking some true self.

Until the fever breaks and the heart can not abide a moment longer as the rest of us awakens, summoned from the dream, not half caring for anything but love.

~ Stephen Levine ~

I love this poem. And I hope it speaks to you. The beauty of aging is that we figure out what matters. Love matters; learning how to give and receive it. . . . and revel in it!

Bless you, Sweet Beings.

Much love,


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