Exuberant Joy

Dear Dancers,

How do you feel tonight? I ask this question with a certain twinkle in my eye, a sparkle in my soul. Yes. Yes. Glorious, yes! I know. I know. The nightmare isn’t totally over, for there will be much mischief Orange can do, but we have a new president elect in these United States and his name is Joe Biden. And Madam Vice President is Kamala Harris. This news tickles me, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I feel excited, hopeful, buoyant for the fist time in a long while. I found this on FB (attributed to Lynn Brown): “Just a note for the folks that are already sliding into the ‘more work ahead’ zone. Let us knot forget that a main component of both community organizing and ceremonial work is celebration. This IS how you do the work. There is no better coalition building tool than joy.” Oh, my. Yes! Let’s have some joy. Let’s feel joy fully in the body. Let’s move with joy on the dance floor. Finally, at long last, there is within me a lightness of being. I want to jump, leap, twirl as an expression of my deep-in-the-bones joy. I want to dance with you! Come. Come. Let the celebration be expressed through your body tomorrow on the dance floor with our beloved and esteemed Kathy Altman.

Here's the helpful link:

“Doors open” in the zoom room at 9:45am.

Here’s some poetry to contemplate:

Let's remake the world with words. Not frivolously, nor To hide from what we fear, But with a purpose.

Let's, As Wordsworth said, remove "The dust of custom" so things Shine again, each object arrayed In its robe of original light.

And then we'll see the world As if for the first time. As once we gazed at the beloved Who was gazing at us.

~ Gregory Orr ~

The Contract

A word from the led

And in the end we follow them – not because we are paid, not because we might see some advantage, not because of the things they have accomplished, not even because of the dreams they dream but simply because of who they are: the man, the woman, the leader, the boss, standing up there when the wave hits the rock, passing out faith and confidence like life jackets, knowing the currents, holding the doubts, imagining the delights and terrors of every landfall; captain, pirate, and parent by turns, the bearer of our countless hopes and expectations. We give them our trust. We give them our effort. What we ask in return is that they stay true.

William Ayot

Simply cannot wait to dance with you tomorrow. Let’s turn this ship around, my cherished friends. We’ve had four long years of chaos and cruelty. I’m ready for a new beginning.

Sending you love,


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