in love with life

Hello, Loves.

Guess what! I’m in love! Yeah, remember when we used to dance together and over the course of two hours of movement, we’d shake loose everything we didn’t need and somehow that would make space for this bright beaming love to come in and inhabit the body? Remember walking out of dance and feeling like you were in love with everything and everyone? Hello, birds! Hello, sky! Hello, friends! Hello, brunch! (or chai tea 😊). It’s been a rough few weeks followed more recently by a few intensely challenging days, but in this moment I’m feeling all sparkly and star-spattered. In this state of being, I notice how it feels in the body to be in love. There’s an ease of being, a strange desire to skip (like from one room to the other). The wonder and the beauty of each moment comforts me, let’s me know that it’s all going to be okay. Note: admittedly, there is a deep desire to analyze and figure out how I arrived here in this moment. The movement outside today? The sunshine and blue sky? The surprise brief visit by a dear friend? The simple fact of Saturday in the summer? The memoir I’m reading that knocks me sideways, dazzling both my heart and my intellect? Not sure, but I want to linger here in the love field and invite you to join me however it might feel right to you. Can you find a gentle ease of being in the moments that you read this? Can you feel your sweet heart beating in your body? Can you soften the belly and let breath sink down low in the body while turning off the thinking mind? Just be. It’s beautiful. The beingness. Let’s dance together and be together tomorrow in Corte Madera (or the zoom link).

It makes me tingle all over to tell you that Davida will be gently and expertly guiding us tomorrow with her thoughtful words, her well-considered music, her deep wisdom.

Here's the link:

Here’s the poem for your enjoyment:

Desse Barama (Peace) by Hamza El Din

The world shines about me,

luminous as the moon, smiling like a rose,

and a sweet benediction

flows through everything existing.

How beautiful life is. I marvel at people who are not in love with life.

You, my girl, are beautiful,

and your beauty,

like the beautiful thought of peace,

belongs to the eternity.

Detest war and destruction.

When you go to the riverbank,

and the sun sets in the evening,

the waters of the river will be rippling softly,

and from a distance, in the twilight, you will see white sails.

A song of the boatman will come from there.

'Today no suffering, no suffering.'

The world shines about me,

luminous as the moon,

smiling like a rose.

Hope to see you on the dance floor.

Sending love,


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