Love it into motion

Dearest Dancers,

I was recently reading Tara Brach’s new book, RADICAL COMPASSION and discovered this bit that I’d like to share with you. “Yet this suffering---feeling deficient and disconnected---has also been my most fertile ground for waking up. It has led me to a spiritual path and practices that I cherish. And when I get stuck in painful emotions, it brings me to a repeating realization, an insight that has profoundly changed my life: I have to love myself into healing. The only path that can carry me home is the path of self-compassion.”

Reading this, I remembered something Lori Saltzman once told us during a workshop. She recalled a time when a dancer had to take a break and sit out a few songs during the Thursday class. This person sidled up next to Lori as she gazed out at the other dancers and he said, “what are you looking for?”. She replied, “I’m looking for what’s not moving, and then I try to love it into motion.” Isn’t that fabulous? We learn to love ourselves, because in this practice, we are taught to love our bodies--- our exquisitely beautiful bodies--- into motion. That’s where the journey of self-compassion & healing begins. If I can learn how to love my ankle or my hip, love them through and with the movement, love the way the movement feels in my body, then perhaps I can learn how to love myself more fully in life. And if I love myself, then doesn’t it seem to follow that I will more readily love you, my sweet, glorious fellow dancers? Yes! Oh, yes!

I’m beyond thrilled to tell you that Stacey has returned to us and she will be leading the dance tomorrow with her unique combination of music, presence, wisdom, and kindness.

Here are a couple of poems for you. I hope they delight you into movement.

Standing Micro-movements

Abandon every program and routine. There is no sequence of postures. Stand valiantly and gently sway in the breeze of your own breath. Let your body rise and fall, circling silently, a starry firmament between your nipples, boundless space between the ligaments of each bone, muscles washed in pure attention moving from their ocean wheels, each galactic cell of human flesh a Wordless creation of the infinitesimal… There are no instructions. There is no book. Move more slowly, going nowhere. Micro-movements inventing themselves from molten golden stillness. Now it is your own dance…

By Alfred K. LaMotte


All day long a little burro labors, sometimes with heavy loads on her back and sometimes just with worries about things that bother only burros.

And worries, as we know, can be more exhausting than physical labor.

Once in a while a kind monk comes to her stable and brings a pear, but more than that,

he looks into the burro's eyes and touches her ears

and for a few seconds the burro is free and even seems to laugh,

because love does that.

Love Frees.

~ Meister Eckhart ~

See you in Sausalito tomorrow.

So much love,


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