More Flowers than the Vase can Hold

Hello, Loves.

I had a gold-star, red-letter, big-banner sort of day today. Can I tell you about it? I launched into the day (after a decent night’s sleep---so rare lately) by sitting meditation with my husband first thing this morning. I’m trying to listen more; to listen to my heart, to listen to what wants to happen instead of what I think should happen. Meditating, for me, is a way of making space so that I can deeply attune to instinct & intuition. Afterward, I enjoyed some matcha tea and then headed to the gym for an outdoor socially distanced class. As I lay on my back on the bench doing chest presses, I looked up into the blue sky and felt grateful; for my healthy body, for the presence of my fun gym buddies, for the beautiful swirling clouds. I came home, did some cardio and had breakfast while inhaling a fascinating manuscript Harper will publish in March called HOW TO DO THE WORK by Dr. Nicole LePera. She melds together the philosophies of mental, physical, and spiritual health. How happy-making it is to lose myself in a good reading experience, especially when personal evolution is involved. I then did a long power walk while listening to a podcast; Tim Ferriss interviews the memoirist Mary Karr (one of my favorite writers). She’s from Texas and she’s brilliant, funny and a marvelously talented storyteller. They spoke eloquently of trauma, addiction and healing. I felt like I was hanging out with two blazingly wise and compassionate beings. Mary had this great quote about art & poetry: “good poetry brings comfort to those who are uncomfortable and makes uncomfortable those who are comfortable.” Precisely! Me, Tim, and Mary. Sigh. We had such fun together! 😊 After dinner, Roy & I closed out the day by getting on zoom with two beloved friends. It was fun to laugh and connect and make plans together. . . .for late next year when, hopefully, things will be different. No COVID (please, god). No political chaos (for the love of my sanity). I feel light. Buoyant. Hopeful. Happy. I’m sharing this with you because I’ve been feeling such a sense of despair. Most days, I’m depressed or irritable. Often, it feels like I have to push through the day, just wanting it to be over. I know I’m not alone here. I know many people are suffering in myriad different ways. It’s my hope that better days are coming (for us all). Today was blessedly brighter and I attribute it primarily to movement and connection. When I slow down and let myself be in silent stillness, what my body gently tells me is that it wants movement. I saw my PT dude yesterday for my shoulder. He tells me that some injuries want rest, but some injuries require movement. Guess which one I have. Yes, MOVEMENT!

In many ways the last four years feel like one big injury, but we’re moving toward a more healing time now. I can feel it. And what serves healing well is conscious movement combined with community. And aren’t we lucky that we have this available to us in the Open Floor practice? How great is that? I think about what it might be like to dance with people who have different political beliefs than I do. I’m sure I already do that, to some degree, but the point is, we need to come together in unity as a country. I wish everyone more dance in life. More coming together with music and movement and the oh-so-important guidance provided by our amazing teachers.

Speaking of which, it gives me unbridled joy to report that our beloved Davida will be leading us tomorrow in the zoom room. I hope to see you there.

Here’s the link:

Open Floor is doing an International is doing an Open House event the weekend of November 28th and 29th with 23 teachers across 11 countries. Check it out here. Sounds absolutely fabulous.

This is the mission statement: “Our world is in a state of disconnect. Privilege, inequality, and growing polarization around fundamental values are splitting our societies and favoring division over inclusion. Our mission is to initiate a global conversation on the power and place for mindful movement and dance to affect social, emotional, physical, and planetary health.”

I know it’s been a very difficult time for so many of us lately. Please know that I share my day with you in the hopes that you might believe & be comforted by the thought that better days are just around the corner.

And now for a little poetry:

I Tell You


I could not predict the fullness

of the day. How it was enough

to stand alone without help

in the green yard at dawn.

How two geese would spin out

of the ochre sun opening my spine,

curling my head up to the sky

in an arc I took for granted.

And the lilac bush by the red

brick wall flooding the air

with its purple weight of beauty?

How it made my body swoon,

brought my arms to reach for it

without even thinking.


In class today a Dutch woman split

in two by a stroke - one branch

of her body a petrified silence,

walked leaning on her husband

to the treatment table while we

the unimpaired looked on with envy.

How he dignified her wobble,

beheld her deformation, untied her

shoe, removed the brace that stakes

her weaknesses. How he cradled

her down in his arms to the table

smoothing her hair as if they were

alone in their bed. I tell you -

his smile would have made you weep.


At twilight I visit my garden

where the peonies are about to burst.

Some days there will be more

flowers than the vase can hold.

~ Susan Glassmeyer ~

I wish you a day (or many) where there are more flowers than the vase can hold. Isn’t that beautiful? I wish you beauty too, to nourish your heart & soul. We’ll get through this, Loves. We’ll get through this together. Yes, we will.

Sending love & squishy hugs,


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