Movement as Mood Enhancer

Hello, Loves.

I hope this finds you well on a sultry summer evening in September.

What I noticed this week was something pretty obvious: movement improves mental health. We all know this, but, as Lori Saltzman says, “knowledge is just a rumor until it’s in the body.” I know it in my head, but I forget and need to remind myself by embodying the concept. With all the smoke in recent weeks, I gave up my running practice. Lately, I’m only dancing once per week. With less movement, I started to feel rather down and lethargic. There’s no denying that the smoke (and all it represents) feels oppressive. With that heaviness, combined with the decrease in exercise, I became a bit depressed. Blessedly, things started shifting recently. Yesterday evening, I attended the “Dancing into Stillness” on-line workshop with Davida Taurek and Kelly Boys. (insert dreamy, contented sigh here) It felt so incredibly good to move my body to Davida’s soundscape. During the dance, I went through all the emotions and ended up feeling cleansed. Ultimately, what lingered was unbounded gratitude. Kelly Boys then led us in a wonderfully relaxing yoga nidra session. By the end, I was back in my body and beyond blissed. This morning, I got up and went running and felt that sensational endorphin high. Yes, friends, we all know this: movement improves our sense of well being in so many ways, yet often we forget. (Or maybe it’s just me? Surely I’m not the only one who forgets, right?)

I’m here to remind you just how yummy dance feels in the body! Truly, it’s also essential to one’s well-being. So please come join us tomorrow morning for some exquisite community dancing.

It gives me immense pleasure to report that our beloved Claire Alexander will be at the helm tomorrow; guiding us, supporting us, inspiring us, and moving us!

Helpful link here:

I know we’re nowhere near Easter, but this poem seems relevant to the moment. Enjoy.

Easter Exultet

Shake out your qualms. Shake up your dreams. Deepen your roots. Extend your branches. Trust deep water and head for the open, even if your vision shipwrecks you. Quit your addiction to sneer and complain. Open a lookout. Dance on a brink. Run with your wildfire. You are closer to glory leaping an abyss than upholstering a rut. Not dawdling. Not doubting. Intrepid all the way Walk toward clarity. At every crossroad Be prepared to bump into wonder. Only love prevails. En route to disaster insist on canticles. Lift your ineffable out of the mundane. Nothing perishes; nothing survives; everything transforms! Honeymoon with Big Joy!

~ James Broughton ~

Let’s “dance on a brink” together.

See you in the zoom room.

Sending love & hugs,


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