Remembering Happiness


I write to you tonight in a state of wonder and joy. How did I get here? This evening I danced with two beloved friends (socially distanced). I don’t know what it was; the setting (beautiful sunset), the fact that it’s dark outside, the connection with girlfriends, the music, the dance? Oh, yes, glorious dance! It was the dance! I was carried by the music and the movement, so thoroughly in my body and it felt exquisite. I felt free. I felt abundantly alive. I felt connected. . . .to spirit, to body, to love, to the community of dancers. And, for a time tonight, I was happy. Deeply happy. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to connect with my joy. For me, it comes through dance and connection. I trust you’re familiar with the lovely sensation of falling in love while dancing. No object. Nothing needed to receive that love. Just the love. Just the falling. The pure, unbridled joy of it.

And this: we get to do it again tomorrow. How cool is that? Yes, we’ll be in the zoom room together, but I feel a great turning happening. We’re going to get through this pandemic together. We’re going to figure out the divisiveness in this country and find our way toward some sort of shared reality, shared understanding of truth, shared commitment to unity. We’re going to dance together again. I can feel it in my bones, Beautiful Dancers. It gives me such happiness to imagine all of us dancing together again!

It is with deep pleasure that I tell you Claire will be at the helm tomorrow. Yay, oh yay! I hope you’ll come join me in dancing with our beloved Claire.

We begin at 9:45am.

Here’s the link:


By Raymond Carver

So early it’s still almost dark out. I’m near the window with coffee, and the usual early morning stuff that passes for thought. When I see the boy and his friend walking up the road to deliver the newspaper. They wear caps and sweaters, and one boy has a bag over his shoulder. They are so happy they aren’t saying anything, these boys. I think if they could, they would take each other’s arm. It’s early in the morning, and they are doing this thing together. They come on, slowly. The sky is taking on light, though the moon still hangs pale over the water. Such beauty that for a minute death and ambition, even love, doesn’t enter into this. Happiness. It comes on unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really, any early morning talk about it.

Wishing you joy,


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