Star Spattered Dancing

Hello, Beautiful Dancers.

As I sit here writing to you, I realize I feel dazzlingly star spattered. Yeah, there’s stardust everywhere. And it’s messy in the most marvelous way. You see, I danced tonight. I went to a friend’s house and about 10-12 of us danced outside and enjoyed dinner together, again, outside. We’re vaccinated. We were distanced. But we were together!!!! It never ceases to amaze me, how simple and yet profound the effects of dance are. After moving my body to music, my heart is open, my mind is quiet, my body tingles and my being feels both serene and yet wildly alive. What deep goodness it is to dance with others in real life, to sit and talk with others in real life. Yes, it’s been a year of vastly diminished social time. It’s been a year of lacking connections; still lacking touch in many circumstances, but friends, it makes me giddy to know that, finally, we are on the road to recovery. And yes, it’s going to take some time. And yes, it’s been traumatic in ways. But there’s also a newly discovered joy in the simple pleasures of life. “Bucket list” items used to be trips to exotic locations or adventurous experiences. “Bucket list” items are now things like hugging a friend or dancing with real people.

It gives me great joy to think I might get to dance with you tomorrow morning in Corte Madera. (Or Pt. Richmond)

Our beloved Davida will bring her loving kindness, her inspiration, her talents, her wisdom to us tomorrow through her music and her teachings.

Here’s the link

Note: I realize we have rain, glorious rain, in the forecast tomorrow. Come dance your rain dance with us. Perhaps we’ll dance with umbrellas. Not at all sure, but trusting that we’ll figure it out.

Here’s a wonderful little piece I found on Facebook tonight. Thank you, Michelle.

I don’t believe there’s a title here, but it’s written by Mary Standing Otter. I love the message of hope and the belief in goodness here. Enjoy.

“Right now there are Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas endlessly reciting mantras for the cessation of your suffering and for the flourishing of your happiness.

Someone you haven’t met yet is already dreaming of adoring you.

Someone is writing a book that you will read in the next two years that will change how you look at life.

Nuns in the Alps are in endless vigil, praying for the Holy Spirit to alight the hearts of all of God’s children.

A farmer is looking at his organic crops and whispering, “nourish them.”

Someone wants to kiss you, to hold you, to make tea for you.

Someone is willing to lend you money, wants to know what your favorite food is, and treat you to a movie.

Someone in your orbit has something immensely valuable to give you — for free.

Something is being invented this year that will change how your generation lives, communicates, heals and passes on.

The next great song is being rehearsed.

Thousands of people are in yoga classes right now intentionally sending light out from their heart chakras and wrapping it around the earth.

Millions of children are assuming that everything is amazing and will always be that way.

Someone is in profound pain, and a few months from now, they’ll be thriving like never before. From where they are, they just can’t see it .

Someone who is craving to be partnered, to be acknowledged, to arrive, will get precisely what they want — and even more. And because that gift will be so fantastical in its reach and sweetness, it will quite magically alter their memory of angsty longing and render it all “So worth the wait.”

Someone has recently cracked open their joyous, genuine nature because they did the hard work of hauling years of oppression off of their psyche — this luminous juju is floating in the ether, and is accessible to you.

Someone just this second wished for world peace, in earnest.

Some civil servant is making sure that you get your mail, and your garbage is picked up, that the trains are running on time, and that you are generally safe.

Someone is dedicating their days to protecting your civil liberties and clean drinking water.

Someone is regaining their sanity.

Someone is coming back from the dead.

Someone is genuinely forgiving the seemingly unforgivable.

Someone is curing the incurable.

You. Me. Some. One. Now.”

Sending love,


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