Succulent Gratitude

Hello, Dancing Loves.

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, I’m acutely aware of all I have to be grateful for, particularly the little things that mean so much as well as the difficult moments that help me grow and gain new insights.

The little things today were in the tender & lingering hugs from two dear friends from the dance community whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. The light in their eyes and the warmth in their voices touched me more than I can convey. The small kindness in the readiness with which we help one another, even just in reaching to get something. The sweet smile. The gentle touch. The shared giggle. Yeah, the little things add up to a lot. . . . and all of it warms my heart. Today’s difficult moment came in the form of a neighbor of my friend (whom I was visiting). The neighbor was very upset about how I had parked in front of her home. It was on a crowded cul-de-sac and wanting to park in a way that was respectful to other vehicles (allowing traffic to move freely behind my car), I had inadvertently neglected what was happening in the front of my car. Sadly, the front of my car was actually touching the neighbor’s fence and I had squished her succulents. She was angry about my insensitive and inconsiderate parking. I could see her point. I’ve been deeply disappointed in the way people park in front of my home too. Sigh. I apologized profusely, moved my car back to a distance that she directed. I then got out of the car and crouched down by the plants, to touch them, to apologize to them, and to gently unfold the one part that was bent. I’m not quite sure when things shifted for the neighbor, but suddenly her tone softened and she asked my name. We introduced ourselves and she invited me to “not let this ruin your day”, which I thought was lovely. For me, the lesson here is compassion. I could feel her upset. And I shared it. Doing something to alleviate that suffering (e.g. moving my car and apologizing) brought relief. To be completely honest, KB version 1.0 might have gotten a bit defensive, but I am slowly learning that defensiveness doesn’t help the situation. Figuring out a way to relate to one another does help, as was the case this time. Sweet relief washed through my body as I walked back down the hill a short distance to my beloved friend’s home. Harmony restored.

The joy of this story is the gentle reminder that we learn how to relate to one another in the dance. Yes, we are relational beings!

I tingle with joy and excitement in sharing with you that our beloved and esteemed teacher Andrea Juhan will be guiding us in the zoom space tomorrow morning for Open Floor.

Start time is 9:45am Pacific.

Here’s the link:

Good News: the effervescent Jennifer Burner will be offering her Thanksgiving Day Grace, Gratitude, and Grit dance.

It is on Thursday morning from 10 AM till noon at the San Geronimo community center gym.

1 Lagunitas School Road, San Geronimo

The poem for you:

Grow Still Enough

May you grow still enough to hear

the small noises earth makes in

preparing for the long sleep of

winter, so that you yourself may

grow calm and grounded deep within.

May you grow still enough to hear

the trickling of water seeping into

the ground, so that your soul may

be softened and healed, and guided

in its flow.

May you grow still enough to hear

the splintering of starlight in the

winter sky and the roar at earth’s

fiery core.

May you grow still enough to hear

the stir of a single snowflake in the air,

so that your inner silence may

turn into hushed expectation.

-Brother David Steindl-Rast

Sending love & blessings,


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