The divine ocean

Hello, Loves.

Intense week here. My mother had major back surgery in Tucson (I just got back home tonight). Wow. It’s so incredibly difficult to watch someone we love suffer so much pain and agony. My mother, a marvelously capable woman with a ton of vitality was brought to her knees by this experience. The complications resulting from the procedure had the whole family on edge for a few days afterward, but she seems to be on the path to recovery now. Whew. Huge sigh of relief. We were almost giddy this morning in her hospital room when we found out she got cleared for rehab. I could not have made it through the week with any shred of sanity without the experience of volunteering at the bedside for hospice. It’s like I went into the mindset of simply being in the moment and being of service. “How can I help?” was my mantra. And sometimes that meant massaging my mother’s feet, offering her ice chips, coaching her on breathing through the pain, being an advocate with the nurses, or simply sitting next to her and holding her hand, letting her know I was there.

Blessedly, I was able to dance with the Tucson Open Floor community on Friday night. What glorious beings! I moved my body. I softened my heart. I connected with friends old and new. I danced my way back to spirit. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to dance; after days of being in the hospital and trying to keep it all together, I finally just let it all go last night. . . .and it was marvelously restorative. Yes, this dance practice is, in and of itself, an incredible resource. The movement. The music. The breath. The community. The love. The connection. All of it. So healing.

I’m beyond thrilled to be looking forward to dancing with you tomorrow.

I’m also beyond thrilled to report that Claire will be holding space for us tomorrow; dropping some pearls of wisdom in our collective pond while also providing an exhilarating soundscape.

Here’s the poem:

When you want to lay yourself open for the divine, like a snare that is hollowed out to its depth, like a canopy that projects a shadow from the divine heat and light into your soul, then go into your inner place physically, or to that story or symbol that reminds you of the sacred.

Close the door of your awareness to the public person you think yourself to be. Pray to the parent of creation, with your inner sense, the outer senses turned within. Veiling yourself, the mystery may be unveiled through you.

By opening yourself to the flow of the sacred, somewhere, resounding in some inner form, the swell of the divine ocean can move through you.

The breathing life of all reveals itself in the way you live your life.

~ Neil Douglas-Klotz ~

Oh, how I love everything about this poem.

“. . . the swell of the divine ocean can move through you.” May it be so.

So much love,


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