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Lori Saltzman
Jun 08, 2022
In MY WORD Forum
Welcome to our MY WORD Forum. This is a private site available only to MY WORD writers. Here you can connect with the whole MY WORD community, a form of “reading out loud” together online. Maybe you’ve penned a good rant, or your words are pouring out from falling in love with someone or something. Post something messy, unpolished words that, if we were in class together, you’d start by mumbling “I can’t believe I’m reading this out loud” before you go ahead and read it to us. Maybe you have a piece you’ve actually polished up a bit and want to share it with kindred spirits. Maybe you found a poem that you want to share. Or perhaps you want to reach out for a writing date. The rules are always the same: if you comment on someone’s writing, echo back what touched you, or made you think, or lit up your own memory or tender spot, or made you laugh out loud. It's also fine to just write thank you so the writer knows you've been there. Maybe it surfaces a story in your world that deserves a quick write and post it in the Forum too. While I will visit the Forum occasionally myself, I’m not going to curate it. This is for all writers to shape by showing up and sharing our work.

Lori Saltzman

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