Photo: Jack Gescheidt

"We dance to learn, not learn to dance."

- SUE RICKARDS, Open Floor teacher, London

Open Floor is a dance practice, a high-spirited moving meditation done in the company of others. Our offerings are geared for anyone: newcomers and those well-versed in embodiment. 

Open Floor classes and workshops teach us to mine the body’s innate intelligence and resilience. We dance alone, with others, as a group. We make time to enjoy moving to great music from all over the world. With the teacher’s guidance, we experiment with themes that can feel challenging, playful, fascinating, thought provoking, and ultimately, enlivening and fun.  We rest and reflect.

Everything we teach on the Open Floor is meant to build healthy relationships and embodied resources both on and off the dance floor.

What could be more valuable than seeing ourselves and others through a more compassionate lens? Despite our apparent differences, dance is one thing that every culture shares. Every human body is wired to respond to music, from toe tapping, to rocking in prayer, to wild abandon. It’s in our very nature, and a potent way for people of any background, gender, nationality, age or ability to communicate.


Life is just better when we dance.