Online Dances during the week


Our local Open Floor Dance teachers


We’re so happy to be holding our Community Dances on Zoom and live streamed to your phone or computer.

Whether in our living room or out in the forest, dance is a lifeline, health line and soul line. So is gathering with each other.

In July & August, our schedule changes somewhat. Tuesdays and Thursdays, we'll start our day at 8:45am Pacific Daylight Time with a morning movement and dance practice. Each session is one hour long.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Zoom Room opens at 9:45am Pacific Daylight Time. The dance will go until 11am.

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Everyone is welcome

Sliding scale, $5-$20+ per dance

For more information and to register:

Leah; 415-887-9399


Moving Meditation

Thursdays, 4-5:30pm California time

with Kathy Altman


Moving meditation is an online weekly class where we use dance to discover the truth of how things are in the present. We don’t ponder how we wish them to be in the future. Nor do we focus on how things were four years or even four months ago. Rehashing is frankly a waste of time.

Rather, we use our bodies, breath and sensations to illuminate where we feel tight and where we find fluidity in the moment. We examine our physical states of being, strong emotions or habitual thoughts, and how they steer us. Reminding us of our alignment with something beyond ourselves that guides us. All this is done in the company of other dancers; a true blessing.

Each week we will notice our personal and collective patterns, and pause long enough to reflect, reset and rebalance.

I hope you will join this beautiful group of movers for a weekly period of practice.

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Everyone is welcome.

$20-25 per class. (No one will be turned away for lack of funds)

For more information and to register:


The Silence Between

a one day workshop

with Lori Saltzman


Dancing is the curriculum. . .dancing with our feet, with words, with pen.
- Nietzsche

Dancing and writing are soul practices just meant for each other.

Everything we’ve experienced lives on in our bodies. The scent of cinnamon rolls at the fair, the achingly soft flesh of a newborn, freezing at the sudden howl of sirens, the first day of school, our first kiss, first bite of a ripe peach, first death of a loved one.

On this day we start with breath and body, dancing until our breath deepens and muscles warm. Then we sit silently, pen in hand, as our words and memories float onto the page. What emerges is the kind of messy, magical writing that shares our unpolished selves.

There are no skills required. There is nothing to make up. You already have everything you need. Come join us.

Open to all via drop-in

Warm up and session: 9am - 11:00am (2 hours)
Bio break: 11:00am – 11:30am (1/2 hour )
Session: 11:30am – 2pm (2 1/2 hours)

​Check the World Clock for the time in your area.

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Everyone is invited

$100 per event / Financial hardship price $75 USD / Sponsor price $130 USD

For more information and to register:


Navigating Now

The practice of presence in turbulent times

October 1 through November 5, 2021

Kathy Altman


More questions than answers:
How do I cultivate presence when the world is rocking me off center faster than I can recalibrate?
How do I cultivate curiosity, especially with whom I disagree?
How do I know when, and how, to shift my gaze from the constant disturbance in our collective field?

This committed group will not be about theories, maps, or any specific system. We will use our embodied movement practice to:
stay present
release the tensions we hold, both personal and collective
build curiosity and compassion
mine wisdom – our own and others
dance, witness and listen, sit in the quiet we create

In this six (6) week committed group, we will touch on each of these practices, seeing where we have lessons to be learned, mending to attend, and progress to mark.

We will use the trusted guidance of embodied dance, verbal inquiry and sitting meditation to help us see where our vision is cloudy and where it is clear.

We each have a part to play in creating our collective future. What’s yours?

I hope you will join me for some answers.
Much love

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Everyone is welcome. This is a committed group.


For more information and to register: