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Open Floor Dance

Life is just better when we dance

  • the practice of dancing to your own choreography, in the company of others

  • a moving meditation where we dance to quiet ourselves 

  • medicine for refilling our well of resilience in a challenging world

  • a natural way to mine the body’s innate intelligence

  • open and accessible to all



In Person Dances


The Open Floor Marin community has gathered hundreds of people to dance and learn together since 1987. At the time it was considered weird, in fact, counterculture. Now science and psychology have caught up with what we knew all along: movement is a proven elixir for a longer, healthier life.

Please come prepared with the following:

  1. A body that has lived a life, any mood, a broken heart or ready to rock. Sore feet, sore minds, gusto, wonky knees, shyness, healthy curiosity, enthusiasm. Willingness to breathe more, sweat more, and feel sudden bouts of love for yourself and/or others.

  2. A water bottle. 


builds trust, helps us cultivate healthy intimacy, and feeds our longing for connection. 


Art & Soul

In-Person Series | Point Richmond


Daylong Movement and Writing Retreats with

Lori Saltzman

Routes to Wholeness by byron.png

Routes to Wholeness

In-Person Series | Gassho House

A Map in 3 Parts with kathy Altman

open floor dance - kathy

Library Card

Our audio archives have nearly 300 recorded classes that you can access at any time. Take a dance break whenever you need one, or embark on a long drive with music curated by a cadre of international teachers. Dance with friends before or after a great meal, make housecleaning fly.


Purchase a card with unlimited access for just $10/month  

We dance to learn, not learn to dance

 — Sue Rickards, Open Floor Teacher, UK

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