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open floor dance - kathy


Our audio archives have over 100 recorded classes that you can access at any time.

  • Take a dance break whenever you need one

  • Embark on a long drive with music curated by a cadre of international teachers

  • Dance with friends before or after a great meal

  • Make housecleaning fly

Purchase a card with unlimited access for just $10/month.

Dance Anytime

Stream a previously recorded dance to your device whenever movement strikes. Choose from our selection of 20-minute dance breaks or hourlong community dance sessions. 

What is included with my monthly subscription?

Your subscription offers you time, flexibility, and financial savings. Membership includes access to nearly 300 audio archives so you can listen anytime, anywhere. 

What if I want to dance in person?

No problem! We are currently offering dances on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Bay Area, CA. Find more information here.

Is the music Open Floor Dance plays licensed for use?

Yes - we have a license through ASCAP which allows us to play/stream music and ensures the artists are compensated

If my audio cuts out, what do I do?

If cutting out happens in the audio stream, the issue could be your phone carrier’s coverage area, your data plan, or the cell signal strength. Try moving to a location where your phone shows you having the most “bars”, refreshing the audio stream page, and quitting any additional applications your device is running.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. You may be prompted to login with your phone number. You will then get a temporary password texted to you. Please validate this password then click Cancel Subscription.

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