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The facilitators of Open Floor Marin infuse their movement practice with years of training across many disciplines. Our goal in mentoring others on the dance floor is to inspire, connect, grow, and heal through dance.



Davida Taurek, MS, LPCC, has a diverse background in counseling psychology, the creative arts, and body-centered therapies. Davida is known for her delightful sense of humor, fiery passion, authentic and caring presence, and evocative, devotional teaching style. She leads trainings and workshops worldwide.



Jennifer is a certified 5Rhythms facilitator, trained by Gabrielle Roth, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman and Andrea Juhan. 


Her dance practice began in 1996 and included ritual performances and visual poetry, earning her a college scholarship. After performing for many years, Jennifer realized a profound yearning to experience dance on a deeper level and began studying the 5Rhythms in 2002. She is now teaching this extraordinary body of work, constantly catalyzing a deeper way of living more fully in the body. Jennifer is skilled at creating a safe space where dancers are invited to discover and express themselves with authenticity. Her deep understanding of the work inspires students to engage powerfully with the transformative nature of this practice, while her upbeat teaching style helps to create community on the dance floor.



Kamla Sufi is a kind and smiling guide who earned a Master’s Degree in Education in 1995. She is trained in Open Floor yoga meditation DE&I facilitation and family coaching. She leads in the development of creating happier homes and more mindful communities all around the world. She has worked with such a range of ages inspiring all people to shine a bit brighter. As a dj she mixes culturally diverse music of various genres and tempos with two essential ingredients: Joy and Love.

Rachel Jordana.jpeg


Rachel Jordana (She/Her) is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Certified 5Rhythms Teacher, a Certified Yoga Teacher, a community developer and a mother of two young children. She is known for creating space for emotional healing, and for bringing surprise, delight, depth, high energy and spirituality to the dance floor. She has been a 5Rhythms student since 2008 and is deeply influenced by the teachings of Lori Saltzman, Kathy Altman, Gabrielle Roth, Andrea Juhan, Michael Molin-Skelton and Kate Shela. She teachers workshops and classes internationally.



Bella Dreizler has spent 50 years learning from mentors across modalities, all of whom played an integral part in creating her signature method of holistic healing. Throughout her personal journey, Bella witnessed how yoga and dance expanded the confines of clinical Western medicine, and vice-versa, how the knowledge of physical therapy could bring her to new heights on the mat and on the dance floor. She learned from experience that in aligning her body, heart, and mind through these practices, access to deeper parts of her being opened.



Zuza Engler leads workshops, classes & yearlong programs for relaxation, self-discovery, and belonging. Her work is distilled into Moving with Life: a community practice for waking up through movement, stillness, deep inner inquiry, and time in nature. A long term student of expressive and meditative dance and teacher of Soul Motion® and Open Floor, she has also practiced Gestalt, Buddhist meditation and Tibetan Kum Nye, trained in Lomi Somatics and trauma resolution and completed a doctorate with a dissertation on the use of conscious movement in healing the mind/body split.



Shaken and stirred by years of falling down and getting back up, Michael Z has studied with Zuza Engler, Michael Molin-Skelton, Vincent Martínez-Grieco and Kathy Altman, among others, and has been leading Soul Motion classes and workshops since becoming certified to teach in 2009. What he aspires to teach is what he desires to learn: the art of being alive in a human body, in the company of others.

Nina Horne.jpeg


Nina discovered the world of conscious dance in the early 2000s while on retreat at Esalen. Within a few days, she found herself dancing 3-5x weekly.  Her somatic training includes 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, and Ecstatic Dance, as well as studying the ethnomusicology of shamanic journeying and altered states. She has developed her own movement form, a nature-based movement meditation practice using music crafted to support healing and expanded sense of self.  As a certified meditation teacher and a certified Ecstatic Dance dj, her sets focus on using bass and rhythm to create a safe and grounded space for play, introspection, joy, and deep transformation.

Heeraa Sazevich.jpeg


Heeraa Sazevich is a 5RTA certified Heartbeat level teacher of the 5Rhythms based in Utah, with over 20 years experience in facilitating conscious dance. She has danced the 5Rhythms since 1997, participating in many workshops with the source of the practice, Gabrielle Roth and her core teachers Kathy Altman and Lori Saltzman. A life-long dancer and meditator with a BA in Theater Arts UCLA, Heeraa studied classical Japanese dance and theater in Kyoto, Japan for six years, spent seven years in India practicing meditation and emotional release therapies and has built conscious dance communities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and in Sun Valley, Idaho.



For Joseph, being a teacher and facilitator came naturally and from a young age, they felt impassioned to pursue these dreams. After a decade of working with youth as a middle-school teacher, Joseph's passion and curiosity led them to California Institute of Integral Studies where they earned their M.A. in Somatic Psychology. Today, they are a teacher and counselor at an alternative public high school in San Francisco, a Somatic Therapist, and an Open Floor Movement teacher in the SF Bay area, as well as at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

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