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Kathy Altman 
Lori Saltzman & Joseph Machado

LIVE at Gassho House in Nicasio, CA

You cannot be truthful, if you are not courageous 

You cannot be loving, if you are not courageous 

You cannot be trusting, if you are not courageous 

You cannot inquire into reality, if you are not courageous 

Hence courage comes first, and everything else follows. 

- Osho

We are living in an inflamed world that few can deny. Life’s uncertainty shakes our faith.  


Yet our true nature is to love and be loved. In a world in pain and conflict, it takes great courage to lean into listening with love and kindness, to cultivate eyes that can look beneath struggles and differences to see the vulnerability within us all.  


To cultivate courage means to live with a full heart: to consciously embrace our insecurities and fears, to voice our truth knowing it is never the whole truth, to move towards risk and lean into faith. As we learn to trust our ever-present vulnerability as a strength, we build our bravery muscles. We become agents of healing, be it as close in as families and friends, or as vast as cultures, communities, and countries in flames. 


Our tool kit will include holding and beholding ourselves and each other in all our messy glory. Dance, verbal inquiry, writing and meditation will be our maps. Please join us as we hold hands and take this exquisite risk together.

MARCH 30-31

Fear as our ally 


MAY 11-12

Love is the only revenge

JUNE 22-23

Faith and forgiveness, our ultimate solace 


10:30 am - 6 pm each day



$895 for full series - WAITLIST

Early registration price available until January 15, 2024

Priority will be given to those who can attend the full series

After January 15th

$975 for series - WAITLIST

$350 per single weekend, if space permits 

An optional dinner Saturday evening will be available to all participants at a small, additional fee


Please note that lunch will not be included.

Cancellation policy

There will be a $100 cancellation fee per weekend.


There are limited overnight accommodations available on Saturday night at Gassho House. Bedrooms, camping tents, and a light breakfast are available for purchase.

Gassho House is located at 5555 Lucas Valley Rd in Nicasio, CA 94946.


To book your overnight stay or if you need assistance with registration, contact Nicole at

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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