The teachers of Open Floor Marin infuse their movement practice

with years of training across many disciplines.

Our goal in mentoring others on the dance floor is to inspire,

connect, grow, and heal through dance.  




Kathy is the co-founder of Open Floor International, an nonprofit organization that promotes conscious dance as a form of well-being, community building, peace making, and creativity. She has danced her whole life, but moving without externally imposed choreography is the skill she relies on most. Kathy has taught dance to thousands of people on many continents for over 40 years. She sees that habits we resort to on the dance floor mirror what we do off the dance floor. Noticing and modifying our thoughts and beliefs, finding authentic expression for our needs and emotions and building tolerance for our differences with others are key elements to health and wellness. These are the tenets of Kathy’s work as she trains others to teach embodied movement and moving meditation. Her work is open source, registered on the creative commons, and governed by a process called Dynamic Governance. Equivalency, efficiency, and transparency are its trademarks.




The dance floor has been Lori’s  home, work, laboratory, meditation cushion, classroom, playground, and community for 37 years, as a teacher and student. As a co-founder of Open Floor International, Lori has collaborated with seasoned teachers who pool decades of experience into one finely tuned curriculum. She travels the globe training Open Floor teachers, witnessing and supporting teachers as they find their own embodied style and wisdom. Another aspect of Open Floor that Lori finds exciting is the choice of Dynamic Governance as a model of operation. This methodology aims to share power, make collective creative decisions, and run an international organization based on transparency. In addition to working for 30 years as Gabrielle Roth’s collaborator and student, Lori has also worked as a corporate management consultant, women’s reproductive rights counselor, writer, community clinic director, counseling trainer, sex education teacher, really terrible waitress, whitewater rafting guide, and pool hall manager.




Stacey is an Open Floor Movement teacher, serving on the faculty of Open Floor International. She has been dedicated to the healing arts for more than 20 years, with accreditation as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Integral Somatic Psychology practitioner, certified 5Rhythms® teacher (trained by Gabrielle Roth), Reiki Master/Teacher, and bodyworker. She holds a professional membership in the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI), the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP), the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association, and Namasta, an organizations for mind-body and bodywork professionals. Stacey’s teaching is infused with passion, deep presence and humor. She is an inspirational facilitator and is skilled at holding space for transformation. Stacey is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels and teaches internationally.




Claire is an Open Floor Movement teacher with twenty-plus years of experience as an educator of embodied movement practices. She is adept at creating a container that invites her students to tap into the instinctual wisdom of an integrated body, heart, and mind. Claire’s open, intuitive and playful teaching style encourages students to deeply engage with the transformative nature of movement as a mindfulness practice.

Claire trained in the Open Floor Movement Practice with the founders and was trained by Gabrielle Roth in both the Waves and Heartbeat maps of the 5Rhythms practice. She also holds a certification in Somatic Experiencing, Touch Work For Trauma Therapists and Somatic Resilience and Regulation. In 2014 Claire joined Open Floor International as a working member and is on the faculty of Open Floor Marine.


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Jennifer is a certified 5Rhythms® Teachers and was trained by Gabriel Roth. Jennifer’s dance practice began in 1996 and included ritual performances and visual poetry, earning her a college scholarship. After performing for many years, Jennifer realized a profound yearning to experience dance on a deeper level and began studying the 5Rhythms® in 2002. She is now teaching this extraordinary body of work, constantly catalyzing a deeper way of living more fully in her body.  Jennifer is skilled at creating a safe space where dancers are invited to discover and express themselves with authenticity. Her deep understanding of the work inspires students to engage powerfully with the transformative nature of this practice, while her upbeat teaching style helps to create community on the dance floor.




Davida Taurek, MS, LPCC, has a diverse background in counseling psychology, the creative arts, and body-centered therapies. She is a psychotherapist with an ongoing private practice in Marin County, and serves as associate faculty for the Master of Science Counseling Program at Prescott College directing the Somatic Emphasis. She teaches at Esalen Institute and 1440 Multiversity, has worked for Tony Robbins teaching embodiment and meditation techniques at Unleash the Power Within events, and is a Certified Instructor of Watsu®, WaterDance®, Motion Theater®, and 5Rhythms®.

In her earlier years, Davida was a professional doula and massage therapist caring for women during the labor and birthing process, a yoga teacher, and a performance artist and drummer. She lived and trained with Baba Olatunji, a Nigerian drummer, educator, social activist, and recording artist for many of her formative years.

Davida is known for her delightful sense of humor, fiery passion, authentic and caring presence, and evocative, devotional teaching style. She leads trainings and workshops worldwide.




For Joseph, being a teacher and facilitator came naturally and from a young age, felt impassioned to pursue these dreams. He began living his dream in 1999 by teaching middle school in the California public school system. After a decade working with youth, he was inspired to focus his teaching efforts on expanding the minds of his fellow educators, providing them with the skills to adapt their instruction to the needs of today’s classroom and ensure their students’ success. His passion and curiosity led him to California Institute of Integral Studies where he earned his M.A. in Somatic Psychology. Today he is a teacher and counselor at an alternative public high school in San Francisco, a Somatic Therapist, and an Open Floor Movement teacher in the SF Bay area, as well as at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.




Zuza leads conscious movement classes and workshops and teaches body-based awareness practices to groups and individuals in the US and Europe. Since 1986, she has explored kinesthetic discovery, psycho-spiritual inquiry, Buddhist meditation, dance, somatics, and relationship work. Zuza’s teaching is informed by more than three decades of study and practice in 5Rhythms®, Soul Motion®, Open Floor, and Continuum Montage. Other influences include Tibetan Kum Nye, Authentic Movement, Lomi Somatics, Anna Halprin’s Life/Art Process, & more, along with Zuza’s four years’ experience in hospice work and over five decades of negotiating the terrain of love and loss in a human body.




​Sylvie is the co-founder and executive director of Syzygy Dance Project, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that transforms the lives of prison inmates, veterans, recovering addicts, chronic illness patients, and the elderly through dance. Sylvie received her BA in Dance from San Jose State University and is a certified 5Rhythms® Teacher who was also trained in the Heartbeat (emotional) map by Gabrielle Roth. She has studied psychology, indigenous healing rituals, energy medicine, and sound healing and is inspired by the teachings of Angeles Arrien, Carolyn Myss, and Tito La Rosa. Since 2000, Sylvie has taught weekly dance classes and workshops for a variety of populations. Sylvie is often described as a catalytic shape-shifter because of her ability to meet people right where they are and move with them into new possibilities.


Open Floor Dance is a for-profit business. The teachers are members of Open Floor International (OFI) OFI is incorporated as a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. OFI is a creative collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from all corners of the planet. We use the universal language of movement as a means of self-discovery and relationship building.




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