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Everything we have ever lived lives in our body. We are filled with stories, passions, sorrows and dreams. Infinite gold nuggets wait for retrieval just below the surface.
We begin with dance, where we speak body language: feet that remember leaving home, hips that sway with ease (or not), joy in our belly, caution wrapped like a scarf around our neck. As we join with each other these conversations ripen. We learn the many languages of being human.
Then we weave in words. We allow ourselves to be messy, wild and unpolished. We read to each other, listen, laugh, shed tears, and fumble— until we are struck silent by unexpected truths that leap forth.  
There is nothing to make up. There are no skills required.  You already have everything you need.
Come join us.

Sunday, July 28, 2024
11 am - 5:30 pm

Somers Town Community Centre - Dance Studio
at 134 Chalton Street
London NW1 1RX, United Kingdom

kathy lori 2024.jpg

Kathy Altman and Lori Saltzman are co-founders of Open Floor International, a modern blend of movement, mindfulness, and artistry. In their four decades of teaching, they have touched the lives of dancers all over the world with their wisdom and humor.

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